QuizMillion is an Online Quiz Game


The quiz questions and answers come in multiple languages. Aside from the standard English, the questions and answers are translated into the player’s chosen language in real time via Google Translate. The questions and answers have been designed to be easily translated by Google Translate.


Structure and level of difficulty of the quiz:


  • The quiz consists of 10 questions.
  • There are 3 answers per question, of which one is the correct answer.
  • A question must be answered within 10 seconds.
  • The ten questions include 6 Easy, 2 Normal, 1 Hard and 1 Challenging question(s).
  • Questions from the QuizPrep training quiz are frequently used for QuizMillion.


The player wins the quiz if:


  • All questions have been answered correctly within the best finish time.
  • The follow-up quizzes (in case of multiple winners) have also been won.
  • There are three follow-up quizzes.
  • The first follow-up quiz has a Normal level of difficulty.
  • The second follow-up quiz has a Hard level of difficulty.
  • The third follow-up quiz has a Challenging level of difficulty.
  • If there is still no winner after the third follow-up quiz, one winner will be chosen from amongst the players that did well on the QuizPrep quiz training site, and also showed interest in our advertiser’s advertisements on QuizPrep.




  • The participant of QuizMillion, is also an affiliate for QuizMillion. More Info Here



Prizes to Win per game:


$1000.000 (1Million USD)



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QuizPrep is an Online Quiz Training site


On our quiz training site www.quizprep.nl, players can test and improve their quiz knowledge and skills. The obtained results also count towards appointing a winner after a third winner-less follow-up quiz. Any advertisements shown on www.quizprep.nl and the engagement with them by the player also influence who is chosen as a winner after a third winner-less follow up quiz.




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