Affiliate Promotion




Minergames QuizMillion is a product with clear goals and honest results. The QuizMillion game shall therefore be promoted by the Affiliate in a clear and fair manner. Identify your target group. Promote within that target group. Targeted promotion is more successful than promotion in general. Your target group may be people who are concerned about the problems in the world, and are open to contributing to improvements.


Be Respectful


Be honest and sincere in approaching your potential referrals. Respect the choice of others. First involve a potential referral in a conversation. Tell about your sincere concerns about the situation in the world. The situation in terms of climate change, poverty, diseases and wars etc. Then tell about the opportunity to contribute to a better world. Tell about Minergames QuizMillion. Don’t push, but give the freedom of choice. Respect the choice.

Give the referral (at his request) your affiliate link for Minergames QuizMillion. End the conversation with the remark, that the potential referral can always mail you for more information or questions (also here you give your affiliate link to Minergames QuizMillion website). Minergames QuizMillion is only an instrument to achieve the goal (a better world). All recommendation interviews are therefore primarily focused on current problems in the world, and only then on the possibility of helping to solve them via Minergames QuizMillion.

Recommending Minergames QuizMillion is not the primary purpose of a call. Be reluctant to recommend Minergames QuizMillion at birthday parties to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Only raise Minergames QuizMillion if the situation permits. A situation is for example, if the subject of the discussion is about the problems or an event in the world.


 Be Honest


It should always be clear to potential referrals that the amount donated (from a Million dollars after a game played) by Minergames to charities is always verifiable. And this is also the case with the prizes to be won of one Million dollars per game played. The paid amount of $2.79 ex VAT for participation per game, can always be refunded before the start of the game. The refund guarantee is 100%. Refer to the website for the conditions. Treat the potential referral as you would like to be treated with respect.  


Other ways of getting your
affiliates / referrals without having to
promote to family or friends


 – Posting on Blogs, Forums and Social Media

  Writing a viral eBook or some other “viral” product

 – Creating a YouTube video(s)

 – Writing Ads or reviews for Classifieds Websites

 – Building a 1-Page Mini Website(s)



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